Reunification in Sean Goldman Case Should Occur in Next 24 Hours

If everything goes as planned reunification by an intermediary should occur in the next 24 hours and hopefully Sean and David Goldman will be able to board a plane back to the United States. The spotlight is now on the step father and maternal grandmother to do this expeditiously and without further incident. My advice to the maternal grandparent and step father, if you have any information for David Goldman, put it in writing and move along. It is time to support Sean in his new life with his father, David Goldman. How can you possibly expect David Goldman to be trusting with both of you after all you have put him through. This should have happened several weeks after Sean’s mom died, but it did not. It could have also happened in the past 5 years when he was wrongfully kidnapped to Brazil. It did not. So now, Sean’s relatives in Brazil need to support David Goldman in his role as the parent and father and Sean Goldman. They can figure out how they can regain the trust of David Goldman so they can send letters and cards; send emails; chat on the computer; talk on the phone; visit him in the United States — of course all things that they allowed Sean’s father to do in a very limited way.

Wow, how things have changed with one final ruling by a Brazilian Supreme Court Justice. Although let’s not forget the number of court hearing and the numerous plane flights by David Goldman and his entourage as well as the hundreds of thousands of dollars of legal fees paid by both parties. This money could have better spent on raising Sean Goldman, but it wasn’t. To Sergio Tostes, the Brazilian attorney, I simply don’t understand why you didn’t recommend a transfer of custody to your clients 16 months ago! Shame on you! With your legal experience, you should have known that this would have been the probable outcome.

Lastly, now it is time for the Family Abduction Community to celebrate this reunification with David Goldman. David can look forward to providing his son Sean with a wonderful life in Trinton, New Jersey, USA!


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