Legal System of Other Countries are Questionable

As Amanda Knox, the 22 year old University of Washington Exchange Student awaits the jury verdict in her alleged murder trial, to this American, the deficiencies in the legal systems in other countries is in the global news. This subject is not unfamiliar to the plight of International parental kidnapping victim parents, David Goldman, Commander Paul Tolan, Christopher Savoie, Patrick Brendan and Tom Sylvester. All of these parents do not have custody of their children despite a valid U.S. custody order and recently testified in Washington as to their efforts to bring their children home to the United States.

Despite the efforts of many different politicians and even after the United States set the example for the rest of the World and sent Elian Gonzalez back to Cuba to live with his father in 2000 — the countries of Brazil, Japan and Austria refuse to acknowledge the Hague Convention Treaty and its joint custody co-parenting tenets. Some of these parents have never seen their children in years and some are also living with relatives since the biological parent is deceased.

It’s really time the American people put pressure on our politicians and took personal action in starting to boycott products, vacation and travel to those and other countries that ignore U.S. family law custody orders. It’s easy to sweep these cases under the rug but consider the nightmare of these parents and their kidnapped children.

List of Cases

Parent: Father: David Goldman
Son: Sean Goldman
Parental Kidnapper: Bruna Biachi Carneiro Riebeiro (deceased)
Parental Kidnapper: Joao Paulo LIns eSilva (Step father)
Country: Brazil
Date of Kidnap: 2004
Summary: David’s son Sean was kidnapped in 2004 by his

Father: Commander Paul Toland U.S. Navy
Parental Kidnapper: Tomiko Toland (deceased)
Daughter: Erika
Country: Japan
Date of Kidnap: 2003
Summary: Child’s mother Etsuko comitted suicide two years ago and the maternal grandmother has custody in Jpan.

Parent: Christopher Savoie
Children: Isaac, Rebecca
Country: Japan / Fukuoka
Summary: Savoie was granted custody of his children in Tennessee. He tried a snatch back in Japan and went to the U.S. Embassy was but was later arrested and jailed. Japan law favors sole

Parent: Patrick Branden
Parental Kidnapper: Ryoko Uchiyama
Child: Melissa Braden
Country: Japan
Date: 1996
Summary: Patrick’s daughter Melissa was kidnapped by his former spouse to Japan.

Parent: Tom Sylvester
Child: Carla
Country: Austria
Date of Kidnap: 1995
Summary: Tom Sylvester’s child Carla was kidnapped to Austria in 1995 by his former spouse.


One Response to Legal System of Other Countries are Questionable

  1. INCO says:

    In September there was an article in a Brisilian magazine that included an interview with Sean’s grandmother Silvana Ribeiro, cook and part owner of Quadrifoglio’s in Rio, an upscale Italiano restaruante. She was quoted as saying that her daughter Bruna, Sean’s mother, David’s wife, MET the man who is now the second kidnapper of Sean, Joao Paulo Lins e Silva, 6 months AFTER she left the U.S., when in fact, she had “loved” him before while in college,”but at that time it didn’t work out” as also quoted by Silvana in a prior interview. Several of Silvana’s family members work for the Lins e Silvas, and as a matter of fact they grew up together in Rio. Silvana is not a “good” liar. She has contridicted herself in every interview she has given.. 1st she said indignantly, that Bruna left because “she had to work to help support the family”, later once Bruna was dead,she added, that Bruna told her David was violent, slamming his fist into the wall. Yet, she was given ample opportunity at the court to defend herself against being a conspirator in the kidnapping of Sean. At that time she said she knew of NO reason for Bruna leaving, other than she wasn’t happy in the U.S. and had to work a boring job.”

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