Kathleen Russell – Political Activist – Consultant for Hire

Kathleen Russell, political activist and Marin County Founder of the Center Judicial Excellence recently wrote a editorial on Family Law Courts that was published in the Opinion section of the Christian Science Monitor. She is also the owner of a Political Consulting Firm.

Kathleen Russell, Kathleen Russell Consulting, San Rafael, Marin County, Activist, Protective Parents

Kathleen Russell

Since that time, we have received a number of tips about her direct association at Protective Parent Conferences with known Children of the Underground supporters Meera Fox and Connie Valentine. After hearing this, we are even more shocked that the Christian Science Monitor published her very bias editorial.

In America, we have made significant strides toward gender equality. In our nation’s family courts, we have also made great strides toward gender equality with joint custody and co-parenting. That said, it’s 2009 and political activist Kathleen Russell, who is NOT a judge, lawyer, psychologist, pediatrician or family law professional was able to get her opinion published in the Christian Science Monitor. She presented herself as a expert, telling us about the performance of our Family Law Courts and the handling of cases involving alleged abusive parents without disclosing any possible bias in her opinions. In our “opinion”, she is not a reliable source on this subject matter. She has very pathetic gender racist views on this subject matter that are most likely motivated by her business goals and personal agenda.

In America, Kathleen Russell has a right to claim free speech for her extremists views. But in our “opinion” these views are targeted at misguided divorcing mothers who might with some heavy handed rhetoric actually believe that our nation’s courts are allowing a pathetic abusive parent such as Phillip Garrido custody of their own children. The fact of the matter is that there are only a very small number of Phillip Garridos out there, certainly not 58K like Kathleen Russell would want custodial embattled mothers or parents to think. Especially, those misguided ones that would seek any means to get sole physical and financial control over their children.

Finally, not that it makes too much difference, but I’ve always assumed that Kathleen Russell was just another protective parent with a bad divorce who lost custody of her children. But that’s not the case I’m told, she’s not married and doesn’t have children.

I’m just glad there’s not too many Kathleen Russells in this world!

3 Responses to Kathleen Russell – Political Activist – Consultant for Hire

  1. Joe Chisholm says:

    My daughter is in the Underground, brought there by her mom, Patricia O’Byrne with stories that I can only imagine about how she had to protect our (then) 18 month old daughter. That was May 1991 and Sigourney has just turned 18 years of age although I doubt she knows her DOB or name.

    Much have my life has been consumed with the 16 year search from Toronto to Vancouver to Tunbridge England and Hazleton PA.

    I am trying to understand – how love can get so twisted, how truth can be so corrupted and how kids’ lives can be used like a football to gain yardage. I have read Amy Neustien, Karen Winner and others and it’s all so polarizing and so hostile. I can relate to the pain and the alarm that these people feel as parents and human beings. I understand the anger at both injustice and ambivalence. But deeper trenches aren’t the solution. More special interest groups aren’t going to do an ounce of good.

    We are dealing with an epidemic problem that strips extended families of the peace and love and security that everyone is entitled to. I am Canadian and I see that in the USA alone (a much larger country in population) about 300,000 kids have their families fractured – always “in the best interests of the children.” As an outsider, but only from an arbitrary line on a map, I see some issues with the U.S. system. Many of these issues are to blame in other jurisdictions too, but you are a very litigious country. With fewer than 10% of the world’s population, you have over 70% of the world’s lawyers. By your nature problems are treated with polarized sides, divisive action and an ever growing tug-of-war with special interest groups grabbing hold on one side of the other in an effort to defeat the other side, or when put diplomatically, to maintain their fair share of the turf.

    Some how family melt-downs that get out of hand – like mine did and so many do, could be better treated as a system. In this system no one is to blame, no one gets labeled and abuser or sociopath, or any of the other colorful language both sides toss around, like a beach-ball. The child’s needs would come first, which is obvious to all of you but impossible in a winner take all, adversarial court-room setting. When kids needs come first, they are assured the love and company of two loving parents. That’s what kids want. If there are concerns about abuse, competency or what ever he-said-she-said issues the parents have, put it on the table, it will get dealt with. No child wants to be abused or parented incompetently.

    What I am saying is there is away to stop abuse and incompetence without irradiating or demoralizing either parent. Starting with the most extreme concern of irreconcilable couples – mental abuse and sex abuse of the child, if we put ourselves in the child’s shoes, they want to be protected from abuse, not kept from the love and care of both parents. A systemic approach instead of a court-room environment can create safeguards for every child without treating either or both parents as a cancer with no redeeming quality to the child that must be irradiated. The “devil is in the details” and if you think my approach is naïve, give it some more thought. We don’t need better judges, better cops, more lawyers, stronger special interest groups. These have all been weapons of mass destruction. Neither the “Us’s” or the “Them’s” can add anything that won’t create an equal force from the other side. It’s the cold-war stalemate. And while in political terms the stalemate between the USA and Russia had a peaceful effect, in family life, joy is being bled from kids, mother and fathers – not to mention all the cousins, grand parents and others who have no collective voice to petition on behalf of their grief.

    A new system that puts child needs in the center, finding ways for that child to have both parents. If abuse is an issue, it treats the behavior and protects the child from reoccurrence. But there is no blame and no eradication of one of the parents. We just solve those problems. Neither parent is perfect. Obviously some shortcomings are more extremely detrimental to the child than others but appropriate attention can be administered to each shortcoming. From the child perspective there is no need or benefit in blaming anyone. Blame and punishment is an adult need and a maladjusted one at that. Kidnappers, child abusers, etc., should and will all have legal implications but that’s outside this system that serves the needs of the child first.

    Impossible? Bloody difficult but I estimate that not only can a vastly improved system be adopted but that it will at a fraction of the cost of another 20 years of the last 20 years. I don’t care how you would play the game differently or changes you would make. We’re playing a game that kids will never win. A court room is black and white. Family life is only grey. Family court is an oxymoron. It can’t be solved.

    “Imagine there’s no heaven. It’s easy if you try. No hell below us, above us only sky. Imagine all the people, living life in peace.” John Lennon. This was not an attack on religious belief – heaven and hell are metaphors for earthly experiences. The idea is by removing the winner and the looser you remove the conflict. Kids can’t win in parental conflict. It’s got to be about the kids.

    Joe Chisholm, Sigourney and Jesse’s dad. Toronto, Canada


  2. underwatch says:

    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for sharing your story. What frustrates me the most is that the so called protective parents can freely ready your story about your former spouse Patricia O’Byrne, yet they seldom take it upon themselves to turn underground mothers like them in. They will freely assist and support so called “protective parents” but when the evidence is clear that the underground mom lied and maliciously went into hiding out of anger and revenge against her former spouse rather than to protect the child, they will sit back and do nothing to find the child in the underground.

    In the majority of cases, the underground mom will stay in contact with her family members. They may not know the exact location but they know which underground leader knows. I think the media is ripe for the plight of underground parents like yourself with stories such as David Goldman (Brazil) and the case in Japan. In some cases, getting help from the local media where your former spouse’s relatives live may help force your former spouse out of hiding as well as a civil suit against them.

    That all said, I hope daughter who may be reading this on the Internet may have the courage some day to contact you.

    Thanks again for sharing your story. You can email us directly at underwatch @ aol.com.

    The Editor
    The Children of the Underground Watch

  3. joe deluca says:

    this is all sad, and as time goes by, the intent gets worse, society has went way too far, this is why you see so much hate comming from men, just like politicaly correct. joe

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