Dr. JoAnn Behrman-Lippert, A Top Notch Researcher in Child Abduction

In the Jaycee Dugard case, we were very pleased to see Associated Press reporter EVELYN NIEVES interview Dr. JoAnn Behrman-Lippert.  She is a leading expert on child abduction in the World and we’re glad to hear what she has to say. We also saw that a Berkeley History Professor was interviewed which we do not think much of in the same article. Here’s are thought on this.  

Dr. JoAnn Behrman-Lippert, is a Reno, Nevada-based psychologist who has been a frequent consultant and contributor to the U.S. Department of Justice training and research programs. She authored a five year research study for the Deparement of Justice on child abduction and family trauma response. We are familiar with Dr. Lippert’s work and consider her one one of the leading psychologists on child abduction in the world.

The reporter also interviewed Paula Fass, a professor of history at the University of California at Berkeley. She authored a controversial book “Kidnapped: Child Abduction in America. She was quoted in a recent AP article about the Dugard case as follows:  

” Another theory is that he told her he and his wife were her family and that she had no one else. “Then she had no contact with the outside world without him. By the time she had children with him, obviously other things came into play,” Fass said. “Obviously, she wanted to protect her children. You don’t have to invoke Stockholm syndrome. She didn’t have to necessarily identify with her oppressors.”

We are wondering how a history professor who wrote a book believes she is qualified to form a conclusion like that.  Professor Fass is a history professor and her book contains her personal views on child abduction and are based on history rather than psychology or the specific research of child abduction.

There’s not too many highly regarded researchers in this field and we sure hope that the media will select ones that are highly qualifed.


2 Responses to Dr. JoAnn Behrman-Lippert, A Top Notch Researcher in Child Abduction

  1. sarah rushdie says:

    STAY FAR AWAY FROM LIPPERT! She is a supporter of criminals and will lie in court to save them. My father in law abducted my son and she lied in court to defend the act…saying it was my fault. She has caused so much trauma in my life and has tried to turn my son against me. Do not trust her.

    • Concerned Woman says:

      Hello Sarah,

      I am faced with the same serious problems you have discussed. There is something not right with this “Doctor” I would love to communicate with you to ask you some questions to see if you went through the same things that I am currently going through. If so it is possible that investigations and reviews can eb made in certain situations and cases. I am willing to help, please contact me… No I am not an attorney, just a parent like you that wants justice!

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