What Kind of Family Law Attorneys are the Lins e Silva Family?

You have to wonder what kind of family law attorneys the Lins e Silva familly member are! With the pending ruling by the Brazilian Federal Court that should send Sean Goldman to the United States to live with his father, David Goldman, what kind of future contact with the young child do the Lins e Silva family expect? Will they fly like David Godman did to the United States for “visitation”?  Will the visitation need to be supervised at the threat that they might kidnap the child back to Brazil? If you were David Goldman, would you then allow Sean Goldman to spend a few weeks each summer back in Brazil?

As famliy law attorneys, the Lin e Silva famliy have been horrible role models for custodial embattled divorcing parents for promoting shared custody / joint custody and the concept of co-parenting. They are parental kidnappers and perhaps alleged parental alienators. It also sounds like a Brazilian psychologist hired by the the Lins e Silva or the maternal family asked the child where he wants to live. However, who knows if this psychologist didn’t ask this question in a leading manner. Furthermore, who knows if the child answered the question that way. In the U.S. the child would have been appointed an attorney who could represent the best interest’s of the child. Also, according to the news reports, the attorney for the Brazilian family disclosed this, which is also second hand.

In any regard, if you lived in Brazil and followed this case, I would think if I were a Judge that I would question the integrity and honesty of the Lins e Silva family. I doubt I would hire the as my attorneys and if they currently represented me, I’d be looking for a new firm.


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