Restitution for Mark and Debbie Baskin?

On May 27, 2009, Marvin Maple plead guilty to two Class E Felony counts of parental kidnapping. He received 4 years probation under the terms of the plea. I surely hope the District Attorney in Murfreesboro, Tennessee knew what he was doing when he accepted this plea. I also hope that the Baskin’s will receive restitution for probably thousands they spent in searching for their children.

I understand that the adult Baskin children have not yet contacted their parents. I surely hope they adult-up in the next several months and take steps to reunify with their parents.

Having a kidnapped child is a parent’s worst nightmere. I’m not convinced the punishment fits the crime here. That said, let’s hope Marvin Maple took responsiblity for his crime, apologized to his victims which not only included the Baskin Children but his left behind daughter and son-in-law.


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