More Advice for Jennifer Bunting, Jonathan Bunting, Marvin Maple

Marvin Maple is now now being held in the Rutherford County Detenttion Center in Murfreesboro, Tennessee on  $1 million dollar bond. With Marvin Maple in jail, he’ll need a public defender or a private attorney. Here’s my advice to Jennifer Bunting, Jonathan Bunting,  Marvin Maple and the District Attorney.

Jennifer Bunting and Jonathan — You need to help your grandfather get himself a good attorney or public defender. There are some attorneys, some who will represent themselves as having experience representing other “protective parents” who in my opinion would turn your grandfather’s case into a media circus like some of the other cases. The attorney that your grandfather eventually selects will need to have your grandfather’s best interest. For that reason, a local Murfreesboro attorney or public defender is usually a better choice than one of these protective parents attorneys that will also be promoting his or her professional reputation and may not always think of your grandfather’s best interests. In addition, I know I wouldn’t want to be depicted as an abuse victim in a trial or a media circus especially if there isn’t any concrete evidence. It is an invasion of your privacy and at the very least, you need to let your grandfather know how you feel. His allegations were many years ago and whether or not his belief was “reasonable” back then or no longer “reasonable” by today’s standards will not prevent your privacy from being invaded.

Marvin Maple — It is important that you tell the truth and look after your grandchildren’sbest interests. Back in the late ’80s, there was a certain amount of hysteria over child abuse as with the McMartin Preshool case and others. There was also Faye Yager’s Children of the Underground that was helping a custodial embattled parent go into hiding. If that group helped you and your wife, it would be important to let the prosecuting District Attorney that. You are now in your ’70s and it is time you let everyone know the truth or what you belived at that time and if you still believe it. Everyone makes mistakes and the high bail of $1 million dollars lets you know that the District Attorney is serious about this case. There are some cases that have resulted in the parental kidnapper being sentenced to a significant prison term. Prison is not a great alternative for a senior citizen. Most of the underground or protective parent attorneys will want to be paid, if not through you but through fund raising and donations. If you have any assets, these attorneys will want to be paid, they won’t represent you for free. In many cases, they will want you to beg for money or donations from your relatives and friends. If you really loved your grandchildren and it sounds like you do, you will same some money for them rather than giving it to the attorneys. BTW, I think since you are once again Marvin Maple that you can start collecting social security, if you contributed to it. You will probably want you attorney to move to reduce your bail because I imagine it may be diffiult to get someone to put up bail money with your track record. However, that all said, some people that go underground return from hiding have a tax problem with the IRS, I hope that’s not you. Also, if you were such a good parent in raising your grandchildren, what happened to your relationship with your own daughter? On the Today Show this morning, she says that she forgives you? Don’t you owe her an explanation?

Finally, advice for the Rutherford County Prosecuting District Attorney — I really hope that you investigate others that might have assisted Marvin Maple and his wife. In the ’90s, Faye Yager was on trial and she was never prosecuted for her role in helping others. Today, she owns a Bread & Breakfast in North Carolina and a prosecution against her would mean potential restitution to familes versus a conviction and restitution against Marvin Maple which would mean potential money taken from the Baskin / Bunting children. I would like to see Marvin Maple apologize to his grandchildren and let the world know how he hid his identity for 20 years. Lastly, I wonder if John Bunting paid all of his taxes? Did he file a tax return last year? Did Marvin Maple pay all his taxes owed? Lastly, I surely hope one of these out-of-state protective parent attorneys doesn’t arrive in your court room to make this case a media circus! They will normally get a public defender to sponsor them and apply for pro hac vice status in your court room then get the public defender to pay for thousands and thousands of dollars of out of state expert witness fees.


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