Bonnie Rubenstein Not Going to Jail

According to,  a hearing was held in Norwich, CT after Bonnie Rubenstein failed to make court ordered payments.

What the young jury in the criminal case were never able to understand is that narcissists like Bonnie R. never think that the rules that apply to the rest of society apply to them. This recent case is another example of that. However, what the this jury missed is that when she kidnapped her son, she committed one of the most heinous crimes against a child. They did not make her responsible for that crime. Perhaps the District Attorney was also to blame for allowing too many young jurors and not enough expert witnesses that are familiar with these trials. I also surmise that Susan Connolly-Asselin is going after her fees rather then writing them off to correct the verdict in the criminal trial — similar to OJ Simpson’s guilty verdict in civil trial. Lastly, Ms. Rubenstein’s narcissism must have really upset this court-appointed attorney, more proof that the jury never really got it.


One Response to Bonnie Rubenstein Not Going to Jail

  1. employee says:

    Ms. Rubenstein is not only a narcissist, but is also an abuser. The company she is the ‘program manager’ for, Recovery Resources loves having this woman on staff….Bonnie is a pathological liar and eegularly abuses the disabled people she works with.

    As Joe Gagliardo sais {owner od RR}…’we will never be investigated, my mother in law hold a very high position within the state of and all complaints get squashed’

    So yes, Ms. Rubenstein is working for the correct employer. oh, Ms. R is NOT a licensed social worker….the state has never….ever given her those credentials….but she lies….and tells every one that shw is licensed.

    Look it up….

    The state of Connecticut shells out huge amounts of many for the disabled, there is a lot of money being made….in orde to stay in Ct’s good side, Bonnie hides about and lies
    about abuse allegations.

    RR employes many people without an education or the intelligence to question her lack of ethics…in fact there is a registered rapist on he pay-roll….

    Is this who you want taking care of your disabled family member?

    So no, Bonnie has not learned and remains a pathological liar. I just do not undErstand how she is allowed to work in human services….

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