Holly Ann Collins – Once a Kidnapper Always a Kidnapper

It appears that when Holly Ann Collins went underground with her two children and parentally kidnapped them she also kidnapped a third child from another father. That child is now 15 years old and the father Jeff wants custody of the child.

It sounds like Holly Ann Collins like most parental kidnappers has done nothing in the past 14 years to foster a relationship with the father. In addition, when Holly Ann Collins went underground, Judge Porter ordered the father to pay child support and further ordered that the funds be put in trust to look for the child. This was a horrible ruling and in parental kidnapping cases, any obligation to pay child support should immediately cease on the date of the kidnapping.

In most other states in the United States, most parental kidnappers are sent to prison for this crime. In addition, when parents break Judge’s court orders, they also get very stiff penalties, sometimes jail time. Let’s hope the judge gets tough and drops the child support obligation and gives him back this money and jails Holly Ann Collins.

For anyone who supports Holly Ann Collins and especially her daughter Jennifer Collins…someday you may have a child or grand child — and if one day that child disappears from a parental kidnapping, that will be the day that you have no idea where your child or grand child is — Could it be New Zealand? Could it be the Netherlands? You have no idea. Furthermore, some judge orders that you or your son or daughter pay child support while the child is kidnapped, and those funds are to be put in trust to look for the child. You call Underground Attorney Alan Rosenfeld and he wants his fee to help. That will be the day you walk in the shoes of the father Jeff in this tragic case.

Okay, it’s now time for Judge Porter to “Judge Up”.


3 Responses to Holly Ann Collins – Once a Kidnapper Always a Kidnapper

  1. Celeste says:

    It sounds like this judge ought to be disbarred. How can he support someone who knowingly hid her children from their fathers for this long?

  2. underwatch says:

    Hi Celeste,

    It sounds like the District Attorney didn’t want to spend the money and resources to prosecute Holly Ann Collins since the children are now adults. It is apparent that the daughter is already brainwashed by Holly Ann Collins. It also sounds like the father doesn’t want his reputation in the community tarnished again by the publicity in the case. As part of the settlement, the District Attorney should have had Holly Ann Collins, her daughter Jennifer Collins and her attorney Alan Rosenfeld agree to a gag order.

    I really feel sorry for her son that can’t have a relationship with his father because of Holly Ann Collins. I have heard in some cases, the parentally abducted child as an adult finally figures out what the truth is and cuts off all contact with the parental kidnapper and starts a new relationship with the left behind victim parent so there is still hope for both of the Collins children as they mature into adults.

    Holly Ann Collins kidnapped the child from her second husband and is not being prosecuted for that. I am hoping there will be justice in that case.

    The Editor
    The Children of the Underground Watch

  3. Celeste says:

    I have that hope for Jennifer and Zachary too and all of the children on this site who have been alienated by their parents.

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